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There are plenty of times in your life when it can be valuable to use the services of a professional IFA, or Independent Financial Advisor. We take a look at some of the most typical situations.

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Retirement Planning

Most people simply aren’t putting enough away for their future. For many, the very topic of pensions can seem daunting, and it can be difficult to know where to start – especially if you are self-employed or keen to invest in a basket of assets beyond basic funds. An IFA can help you to plan for your future, helping you to establish how much you might need for your retirement and how much you need to be saving and into which asset classes. The IFA can also make investments on your behalf and manage your portfolio.

Investment Management

IFAs are often used for their insight into the best stocks, shares, funds and other investment-linked assets to help individuals to build portfolios that meet their needs and their attitudes towards risk. This might mean balancing a portfolio of government and retail bonds, UK stocks and indexes and emerging market funds to meet objectives. The IFA brings expertise and the ability to manage the portfolio and make trades using complex IFA software.

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The mortgage market is vast and complex, and some of the best deals are only available via specialist brokers. This is where IFAs step in to provide access to the best products for each customer’s unique situation. This can save money and speed up the mortgage approval process. Find out more at:


IFAs also help customers to navigate complex insurance products, such as life insurance. This helps to ensure that the resulting product is right for the customer’s needs and that they have the best price for the right level of cover. Again, the IFA uses specialist knowledge and expertise to scan the market and may work with a trusted panel of brokers to access the best products.


The IFA can also help customers to find the right savings products alongside their longer-term investments, helping to build a balanced and high-performing portfolio that delivers growth, income or a mixture of both.

These are just some of the reasons to invest in an IFA – think of them as a coach to maximise your money’s performance.

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