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Mastering Mindsets for Maximum Learning

When people think about the factors that influence student achievement, a lot of things come to mind. These include a student’s socio-economic status, the education level of the student’s parents, the student’s motivation, his or her attitude toward school, and of course, the student’s cognitive abilities. One factor that has recently become a matter of intense research and is beginning to become a major focus of educators across the world is popularly called “mindset” and was first popularized by the publication of the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (2006) by the major researcher in the field, renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck. Dweck’s research has shown that your students’ mindsets are one of the most important factors impacting their achievement. As such, this is one factor that master teachers don’t leave to chance.

First of all, for those of you who aren’t very familiar with the mindsets research conducted by Dweck and others, here’s a quick recap of the main findings. In her research, Dweck identified two basic “mindsets” that impact virtually everything we do (and not just in school). These two mindsets are (1) the fixed mindset and (2) the growth mindset.

People who have a fixed mindset

Importance of Empathy for Dealing With Students

The word Empathy comes from Greek and means ‘what suffers’ or what is the same, the ability of a person to understand the emotions of another.

The concept of empathy is of great importance when you relate and interact with your students in the class. The better you understand them, the more you receive from them in return. This interpersonal intelligence, in the opinions of Howard Gardner, directly reverses many of the actions that your students are held during the school days.

Perhaps, you observed during your school years that there were teachers who could connect very quickly with students while others maintained a relationship with their students something more complicated. They were not connected with the students- with their emotions. These teachers were less empathetic.

Another aspect that should not be confused with the fact that- being an empathetic teacher has nothing to do with being a cool teacher or rolled teacher. This is not true at all. Empathy is something deeper sense to be “cool” or “rolled”. In fact, the teachers with good empathy can start a very good relationship with students.

Here are five simple but useful actions that can enhance empathy with your students:

    • Learning the names. Knowing your students’ name

Various Advantages Of Online Education

Online education has become very popular in recent times. More and more students are enrolling in online courses to earn a degree and advance in their professional lives. Online education is preferred by people who are not able to attend a regular brick and mortar college or university for various reasons. The degree earned from a good online institution is as valuable as the one from any traditional college or university.

Advantages of Online Education

Lower Cost – Online educations cost less than the traditional means of education. There is no transport cost involved as you don’t have to travel to reach school or college. Study material is also available for free online and you don’t have to spend money to buy textbooks.

Flexibility – When you study online, you are not bound to a fixed schedule. You can take classes as per your convenient time. This way of education works best for people who want to study after office or have a family to take care of. Also women with young kids at home can take up online education to complete their degrees or learn new things. You just need access to a fast internet connection to attend your

Are Your Children Studying Really Well?

Most of the students seem to be overconfident due to the availability of employment opportunities. The economic reforms process initiated in most of the countries of the world are responsible for enhanced employment avenues. Though there is a considerable decrease in the government jobs, there has been an increase in the private sector jobs. For instance, at present, there are new private players in all the three sectors of the economy. Hence, there is an increase in demand for human resources too.

According to a survey, many students do not have command over the English language even after completion of their graduation!. Some students seem to be negligent and do not pay attention to the teachers in the class rooms.

The developments in information technology are not being utilised effectively by the ignorant and innocent children!.

Parents of children are either illiterate or busy with economic work. in some cases, there is a slight negligence by the parents. Thus, the children seem to be enjoying the freedom as they are unaware of career development and their contribution to the economic development.

Some students are attracted to the tutorial centres. They are thus do not concentrate in the class rooms. There are a few

Best Way to Study for Online College Courses

One of the reasons that students take online classes is because it allows them to have a flexible schedule that fits around their job, family, and social life. The problem that many students taking online classes run into is that they fail to schedule the necessary amount of time that is required to successfully complete their online courses. At the last minute, students find themselves searching frantically for the correct answers and doing the minimal amount of work required just to get the assignment in on time.

View and Rearrange the Course Calendar/Syllabus Due Dates

Whether or not you are taking a self-paced online course, or an on online course with deadlines – the very first thing you should do is download the course calendar, syllabus, and/or class schedule. First, I am going to over how to develop a schedule for courses with due dates and deadlines, followed by instructions on how to develop a schedule for a self-paced distance-learning program or class.

If the course has deadlines for each assignment on a separate calendar write or type the due dates in bold red ink.

Next, for the exact same assignments give yourself a new due date 7-10 days prior in bold green

Assessment Methods And Record Keeping In Education

Assessment is a way of finding out if learning has taken place, but it’s also necessary to assess the entry behaviour / understanding of your learners as well as checking to see if objectives have been met. In this article, based on an assignment prepared as part of my PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) course, I’ll be considering different assessment types, and also the need for good Record Keeping. Records are kept to show how learners are progressing and are essential in allowing a learner to complete a course and gain the qualification for which they have studied.

Assessment can be formative (on-going) or summative (at the end), and can be formal or informal. It is about collecting information, making judgements based on interpreting that information, and then deciding on the relevant course of action to achieve the course objectives. Formal assessments include written, oral and practical tests or recorded observations (using video, Dictaphone or witness statements, for example), and their marks contribute towards the qualification in hand. These are objective, being graded and marking a point at which a student might progress or need further teaching on a particular thread.

Whilst formal assessments tend to be

6 Must Know Strategies for Implementing an Online Blended Learning Community

From The Flipped classroom to the Flipped Online Blended Learning Community (PLC):

Flip teaching (or flipped classroom) is a form of online blended learning in which students watch lectures online and work on problem sets with other students in class. This approach allows teachers to spend more time interacting with students instead of lecturing. This is also known as backwards classroom, reverse instruction, flipping the classroom and reverse teaching

Flipped Professional Learning Communities: Flipped PLCs have the potential to allow for real time collaboration with all the prep-work already completed through strategic material presented online beforehand. This allows schools to really get to the heart of issues during the precious time they have together. One of the important tricks is creating a space for this collaborative to start before and continue after any collaborative time. The online blended learning community provides its participants the time and the distance necessary for critical reflection and nuanced thinking.

Online Blended Learning Communities Strategies:

The content below will introduce you to a set of strategies that can be used or may form the rationale for why to form an online blended learning community within your school, department, or work group. This will serve as the initial overview

Things That You Should Know About E-Learning Voice Over Services

The Internet is the world’s biggest library

The Internet is the world’s biggest library and e-Learning has turned into a well-known and successful approach to teach, both in the corporate world and in the educated community. E-learning has turned into the de-facto business standard for organizations substantial and little to prepare their workers. It is one of the quickest developing commercial ventures today.

A modern way for convincing and educational exercises

A standout amongst the most vital parts of any e-Learning course is its capability to captivate the crowd. That is why e-learning frequently has a sound component that obliges the requirement for voice ability. This way, picking proficient voice ability is an extraordinary approach to join with your audience and make a convincing and educational exercise. The most pertinent e-learning substance can run short of quality in the event that it is not conveyed in the right voice.

Solutions for all types of educational purposes

In the contemporary times, various premium organizations offer excellent e-learning voice over services. Whether you are planning e-learning modules for schools, universities, professional courses, corporate learning houses and so forth, they can give a crystal clear voice to your e-learning modules with their male, female and youngster specialists.

6 Strategies to Help Online Students Overcome the Risk of Failure

The retention rate for online schools is low and there are many reasons why students discontinue their degree program, from the cost per credit hour to school policies and the quality of the courses offered. Instructors have little control over many of those factors but what they can help with is the classroom environment that they are responsible for maintaining. With every class students are at risk for failure because of the nature of a virtual environment and interactions with others. New students have the greatest risk and the most challenging learning curve. When students take their first class it is a time when their perceptions and expectations meet the reality of working in an online class. Every subsequent class requires adapting in some manner, to a new instructor and set of requirements. This creates a risk or possibility for students to fail.

All instructors, not just those who teach entry point classes, are responsible for nurturing the development of their students. This means that teaching is not just a function with a checklist of duties, it is a process that requires full engagement and support for the progress of every student. With online classes it is possible for students